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15th February 2018

Sports Sponsorship - activation on a budget

Bring your brand to life on a BUDGET!

Congratulations, your business holds the enviable position of having sport sponsorship as a communications tool, a tool that can be the most powerful marketing weapon in any business’ armoury.

What do you receive?

  • Reflected glory of the sports organisation and the passion of their fans

  • The ability to engage with the sports club’s audience and drive your brand awareness

  • Engage with that audience on an emotional level so your brand is front and centre when it becomes time to decide which brand to purchase

Click here and activate your sponsorship on a budget

And it is the engagement on an emotional level which is why sponsorship is the most powerful of all the communications platforms. Supporters’ emotional connection to THEIR club can be best described using the word love. Sport clubs give them pride, make them laugh, cry and sing with happiness. So, to embrace the power of sponsorship your brand needs to become a part of these emotional drivers, better yet be the reason for these emotions by enhancing their experience.

WARNING it can be a double edged sword!

Because if you are not actively enhancing the experience of the target audience (the supporter), your brand might not even be getting noticed or worse yet it could be distracting and getting in the way of the thing they love, damaging the experience and your brand.

What will it cost?

Industry experts comment that when making the decision to sponsor sports you should budget to spend at least as much on activating the sponsorship as you are spending on the property (most agree that 3 times the amount of the cost of the property is the best-case scenario).


Well we disagree, to a certain extent, and with the use of digital technology and industry experience, my colleagues and I at TXM Sports believe we can design an activation programme to suit most budgets available to SMEs, making sure it is on brand, on target, and breathes life into your brand. Let us bring your logo off the playing kit or stadium and make it a part of that incredible experience.

For free consultation follow the link and drop me a message, or give me a call on the number below. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Managing Director - Robbie Hunter-Paul


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