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20th February 2018

Our Sponsorship Process - the furious five

TXM Sports’ trusted and powerful sponsorship process

Now you know what sponsorship activation is (if you do not, CLICK HERE to find out), you will want to know how to successfully activate it and why we, TXM Sports, are so successful at doing just that.

Our mantra ‘The Xtra Mile’ is the perfect three-word description of what we give to every client, and what we could give you.

1. They are the Sun, We are the Earth

We intimately understand every touch point of the supporter journey. We have vast experience of working in sport and that knowledge helps us understand each emotional journey which the supporter travels through during a match and/or event.

Mindset: Why your target audience should be at the centre of your sponsorship mind.

2. Identify and Build

We then identify your target stakeholder and work to build a following/community around it. This following/community is key in understanding how to approach your sponsorship activation as each client’s following/community is different.

Dig deep: Understand who they are, is there a niche within the community, identify tactics for engagement.

3. Listen, Discuss & Engage:

We start the process by listening and interacting with those targets. They are the people who will help make your sponsorship activation meaningful.

Let’s chat: Once identified create real engagement

4. Create Awesome

We then start creating quality content based on that interaction and with set objectives. We start to deliver the good stuff, the juicy content, which is specific to the target market.

Create awesome: Remember the frontal lobe

5. Review, Rinse and Repeat

We then measure the success of the campaign, feedback, revise, refine and relaunch process. This is a key process in developing and strengthening the sponsorship activation.

RRR: Review, find the sweet spot, rinse away the things that did not work and evolve.


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