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27th February 2018

Talent - what are you looking for?

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

A great New Zealand Maori proverb is ‘He aha te me nui o te ao, He tangata, he tangata he tangata’, and it translates to ‘When asked what are the important things in life? I reply ‘it is people, it is people, it is people’.

To take your business from good to great your people on your ‘bus’ need to be facing the right way, in the right seats! But first and foremost they need to be the RIGHT people.

Let former New Zealand international rugby player, Robbie Hunter-Paul share with you his core attributes of high performing people, identified and developed over twenty five years of working in elite international sports. Skills he has taken from the field, into the TV studio, and ultimately landing him in a boardroom.

With over a decade of experience on the after dinner speaking circuit, he has developed a cheeky delivery, typical of a former egg chaser that got to live every little boys fantasy, getting paid to roll around in the mud with his best mates.

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